Black Agate Conical Orgone Pyramid Energy Generator


Approximate Diameter: 3.5 Inches

Useful in alternative healing-Vastu, Crystal healing, Reiki Healing, Meditation, Feng Shui, Blessings, Cleansings and Prayer

About Black Agate Generator Black agate like a black Tourmaline is a wonderful psychic shield against unwanted energies.

Mystic Benefits of Energy generator·

Neutralizes blocked negative energies of all types within half miles of the surrounding Reduces the symptoms of fatigue.

It is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds… as well as being a strong spiritual grounding stone.

One of the powerful things about Black agate is that it will suck up any negativity or disharmony that it encounters from its surroundings.

But it does not absorb it… but will transmute, or convert the negative energy into positive energy.

Supports spiritual & personal growth Increases positivity in people and environments

How to use:-

-Keep it nearest to your entrance to protect from any negative vibes from outsiders

-Place it near the working desk to have strong positive vibes

-Place it on the dashboard of your car for stress-free driving

-It helps in reducing the effect of electromagnetic radiations from the computer, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets.

Place them close to this generator for energy clearance.

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